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Streamline your cross border payments with Verto. We offer businesses competitive CNY FX rates and make your global payments faster, safer, and simpler. Open a Verto account now and start developing a seamless payments funnel for your business.


1 GBP = 8.77 CNY Last updated June 2, 2023 at 5:14:32 AM GMT+0

We use midmarket rates

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Unlock CNY Conversions with Unmatched FX Rates Worldwide

At Verto, our objective is to help maximise both your local and global payments processes, enabling you to make vendor, client, and supplier payments anywhere in the world, using the best CNY rates. With Verto, making business payments will be more affordable and easy to execute as we enable you to send and receive money no matter where you are.

Chinese Yuan Exchange Rate Today

CNY To USD0.13965626849999999
CNY To EUR0.12971097
CNY To GBP0.11144546699999999
CNY To JPY19.402507332
CNY To AUD0.211252335
CNY To CAD0.187605438
CNY To CNY0.9885

Make and Receive Payments from China Faster and More Affordably with Verto. Verto is an all-in-one payments platform that offers businesses the opportunity to streamline their payments using only one platform. With our multi-currency account, you will have access to 49 currencies worldwide along with multiple banking options to conduct cross border payments with ease.  

Better FX with Verto

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With Verto, looking for affordable FX rates for the Chinese Yuan will no longer be a pain as we provide unparalleled access to competitive exchange rates for 49 currencies. Once you create a Verto account, you can receive free daily alerts and notifications on CNY rates directly in your inbox. Making business payments anywhere in the world has never been so simple.

Select from 49 Currencies and Send to Over 200 Destinations

Expand your global reach and optimise your financial operations by partnering with Verto. We provide businesses with highly competitive and bank-beating CNY FX rates along with powerful, API-based and interactive tools to streamline your payments. 

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